to the site for BFME+, a modification ("mod") for EA's game 'The Battle for Middle-Earth™'. Here you can find everything concerning the mod, like news, a techtree, screenshots, and a link to our forums at The3rdAge.

The purpose of this mod is to add a lot of new heroes, units and buildings to the game. This will be organised through the mini-factions, of which every main faction will get one. Besides, you can build some extra buildings at the Economy Plots, and recruit more units there.

Our screen names at Revora's forums are Dark Lord of the Sith and N19HtmAr3. If you wish to contact us, then seek us in our forums.
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New Leadership

Posted November 9, 2007, by Beleg


Hello T3A,

Anendor has officialy retired from modding. He has been battling with this for a long time and has officially announced it to me. So I officially take command of BFME+. We will still be going in the same direction. We will just have a different driver. We are still recruiting, so anyone interested can PM me.



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Welcome in our newest member

Posted October 22, 2007, by Beleg


Hello Revora,

I am pleased to announce our newest member to the squad
Gandalf 216

He is a moddeler/skinner that we are fortunate to get. He has been working on a german mod the Eldar Mod and he said he would be happy to work for BFME+.
We confirmed it today

Check out his work

Welcome to the team Gandalf 216


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Posted October 19, 2007, by Anendor


If you would like to help with this mod or just learn about in general, we'll be updating the faction pages as soon as possible. Also, you can seek us in Revora Forums (our forums link should be near the top of the screen on the left-most drop-down menu), where our usernames are Anendor and Beleg.

If you are seeking a job, please post in the Jobs section on the forums or PM me or Beleg.

Have a nice day!

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BFME+ Reborn

Posted September 30, 2007, by Anendor


Alright, everyone who is currently reading the post, I (Anendor) am are restarting the BFME+ mod and continuing the work of DLotS, cahik, and the rest of these great modders. I am in the process of putting together a team, and we'll have some new concepts, etc. up as soon as we can. We also have a couple of jobs that need filling, so if you want to help, you can drop me a quick PM.

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Sad news, BFME+ cancelled

Posted January 27, 2007, by Phil


:( Hey everyone,

I'm sorry to announce that the mod team has decided to cancel BFME+ and totally stop any work on it.
As you may have noticed, there was nothing going on for some time now, this is because none of the team members has the time and mood to work on it any longer. At first I thought I would take the time to fix some of the most annoying bugs, but I really didn't feel like it.
Everyone of the team regrets that the mod will not be finished, as we had some really cool stuff planned (at least in my opinion).

However, we decided to release a modder's edition of BFME+. This means that there is no readme, no installer, no obvious bugfixes; it's just the WIP in it's current form, with all the unfinished parts. Maybe someone will still find it interesting to play and test it a bit, and see some of the effort we put into this mod.
You can download it here: BFME+ Download
I've also uploaded the newest set of screenshots, so that you can take a look and see for yourself if you want to download it and play it.

Should you find any piece of art or code you wish to use for your own mod, please drop us a short PM and you will most likely get the permission. As usual, ripping off or modifying things for personal use is allowed. Yeah, we wouldn't be able to prevent it anyway :lol:

Comments in our forums are welcome, but I won't fix any bugs or do any adjustments to the mod (or site), even if publicly asked for. Although it was a great time, I'm done with BFME modding.
I think I'm speaking for the whole BFME+ Staff when saying that there are other interesting projects to work on now. I myself will be focusing on CNC3.net, a modding site for the upcoming Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars...

I hope you still have a nice day,
Dark Lord of the Sith

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Big Update

Posted November 5, 2006, by N19HtmAr3


At last, update!

This has been put on hold for some time now, mainly because of me... :thumbsupsmiley: But anyway, now it's here.
I won't hold you guys any longer, just head over here and post your comments on the new renders.

Have a great day!
// The BFME+ crew


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Site update

Posted October 1, 2006, by Phil


I've updated the site a bit. As you can see, the news layout has been finished and I also cleaned up in the screenshots section. Check out the newest renders there if you haven't already.
The last big project that remains is the faction overview page... I think I can finish that in my holidays (which start next week).

Have a nice day everyone,
Dark Lord of the Sith

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Public Announcement

Posted September 16, 2006, by Phil


Yes, it's finally there. You can find the topic in the forums here: Announcement
Besides, we've added a lot of new screenshots and renders in the screenshots section. I apologize for the high loading time, I will do thumbnails for the images very soon.

Have a nice day

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News Script

Posted September 13, 2006, by Phil


Yay! The news script has been set up and should be working from now on. Layout and style adjusting will be done soon.

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